Privacy Policy


At AGR INSURANCE, we pay particular attention to our clients’ files, whether they are individuals or companies. In each file, we take all the necessary measures to safeguard the confidentiality and protection of the personal information it contains (what we mean by personal information is any information that could allow you to be identified, such as your address, your telephone number, your driver’s license, etc.) whether you purchase insurance with us or not.

Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Information Policy

AGR INSURANCE has issued its Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Information Policy because we recognize that the clients we do business with have the right to know how we use the information we collect.

Your file remains strictly confidential

Our physical and electronic filing systems are at the leading edge of technology. The written documents and computerized data that make up your file are carefully stored and only authorized employees have access to them.

All our employees are bound by a contractual agreement to ensure the protection of your personal information and they are required under the laws governing the protection of personal information to protect your information and they can only use the information for authorized purposes. Furthermore, the firm and its insurance representatives also have a confidentiality obligation by virtue of their Code of Ethics.

Our commitment to the protection of your personal information

At AGR INSURANCE, we recognize that the Internet and e-commerce have created new opportunities and new responsibilities. However, we share with you the responsibility for controlling the exchange of information and the storage and use of certain personal information.

Information we collect about you

Your file only contains essential information that we need for insurance purposes. We may occasionally use the data it contains to introduce you to new products and services that are in line with your needs.

Anonymous information is primarily collected during our Web server’s normal log file analysis. We may use this data to find out which sections of our website are visited more frequently and to determine which ones should be improved. AGR INSURANCE will only use this data to improve the quality of the services and information we offer on our website. Entrusting your personal information to us is easy and secure.


When we issue an insurance contract or a quote, it is understood that you have given your consent and have also obtained consent from all persons mentioned on your insurance contract or quote, for the use, conservation, collection and communication of their personal information for the purposes agreed to.

AGR INSURANCE also collects personal information that you agree to share with us when you purchase insurance or make a quote, whether by telephone or online.

You may withdraw your consent at any time (subject to legal or contractual obligations and with reasonable notice) by contacting, in writing, our Privacy Officer responsible for the confidentiality and protection of personal information. Please note that the withdrawal of consent may prevent us from providing certain products and services requested.

Collection and disclosure of information about you

From time to time, we may need to collect or transmit information about you. These are regulated organizations or companies that have a legitimate right to request information from us or transmit information to us. These organizations and companies depend on the products or financial services or the province you live in. They are:

  • Insurance brokers or claims adjusters;
  • Appraisal firms;
  • Insurers, reinsurers and financial institutions or organizations responsible for their regulation;
  • Fichier central des Sinistres automobiles (central claims registry) and the Société d’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) or from another province;
  • Data analysis firms regarding credit, risks and claims;
  • Courts and law enforcement agencies.

In all cases, we ensure that the information is used judiciously and that your right to privacy is respected.

Why we collect information

You can access our website without having to tell us who you are or disclose any personal information. Our objective is always to collect only the information required to offer you the best possible service and the best coverage with suitable conditions, and to not collect any information without your consent.

Transfers of activities

AGR INSURANCE could take part in a business transaction such as a purchase, a sale, a merger or a financial arrangement concerning business assets. As part of these transactions, personal information may be provided to third parties in order to complete the transaction.

Transmission of information by email

AGR INSURANCE cannot be held responsible for any damages caused due to the interception, loss or modification of any email that you send to us.

We remind you that when you send information by email, the transmission is not secure. We recommend caution when sending messages by email (such as your policy number or personal information).

You have the right to access your file and have it corrected

We make every effort to ensure your information is accurate, complete and up-to-date and that it can only be used for its intended purpose. We will be pleased to put your file at your disposal, at our office, so you can consult it. To do so, simply contact us in writing (to allow us to confirm you identity) and we will reply within 10 days to make an appointment. One of our representatives will gladly meet with you and give you your file. You can then take the time to review the contents of your file. Great care has been taken in compiling your file. However, should you notice an error, please let us know and we will correct it. In some exceptional cases, transcription, reproduction or shipping fees may be charged.

Our solid expertise at your service

Based on the information contained in your file, we may from time to time deem it appropriate to make you aware of products and services that are in line with your needs. In such cases, we may send you descriptive literature. If you do not wish to receive such documentation, please advise us in writing and we will make note of it in your file. Your wish will be respected.

Recording and call monitoring

For Customer Service training purposes and for quality control, some telephone conversations may be recorded or monitored.

Contacting us

If you have any general questions, please contact our Privacy Officer responsible for confidentiality and the protection of personal information at: 

If you believe that we are not in compliance with the principles set out in our Confidentiality and protection of personal information policy or to make a complaint, you can contact us at: